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Owner/Operator of Social Marketing Advice

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Hi there! I'm Deborah Brownell, but feel free to call me Deb. I founded the Social Marketing Advice platform to empower individuals and businesses with top-notch marketing insights, resources, and guidance. 

A bit about my journey: Since 2010, I've been a "jill of all trades," embracing diverse experiences to forge my own path. My thirst for knowledge and drive to succeed led me to start a side hustle in event planning and management back in 2012. This venture laid the groundwork for my future entrepreneurial endeavors. Over time, I've honed my skills by working with industry experts in staffing, real estate, and mortgages, holding positions like Sales and Talent Acquisition Manager, OnSite Manager, and Director of Sales and Marketing. Today, I work for myself full-time, helping clients grow their businesses while pursuing my own financial and creative freedom.

So, if you're new to marketing for small businesses, a real estate agent, mortgage lender/broker, a small business owner, or simply seeking marketing advice, you're in the right place! Join me on this exciting journey, and let's learn and grow together. Welcome to Social Marketing Advice!





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